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Dorset Wedding PhotographyMark & Judith’s special day – Weymouth Registry Office Weddings.

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Dorset Wedding Photography

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Mark & Judith had their fantastic marriage at Weymouth Registry Office, the weather was a scorcher and we had a series of unfortunate events but pulled through and still managed to have a fantastic day!

Weymouth Registry Office has an amazing ceremonial room, with a clean slate feeling and staff that are happy to accommodate you in anyway to help create your perfect day! 

When I first received a phone call from Mark & Judith I knew their day would be one of the ‘special’ days, with less than 10 family and guests and keeping the whole marriage on the low I knew it would be a memorable & “Treasurable” day 😉 

I’d like to congratulate them both for how well they planned their special day, despite the music not playing ball, misplaced rings (#Treasure!), a power cut mid way through the ceremony and some crazy heat strokes we still pulled a fantastic memorable day out the bag! (Well done guys, I’m grateful how well you all coped)   

Thankyou for having me be part of your day…it’s a real honour.

I’d like to thank Mark, Judith and the family for being so friendly… I enjoyed spending your special moments together.

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Mr & Mrs Harwood

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