The Photographer & Assistant

Dan Roads & Ruby Roads

Hi there, I’m Dan a professional photographer based in Weymouth Dorset. I specialise in documenting weddings & events in my own unique style.

Born on American Independence day the 4th of July 1989 in Cambridgeshire and father to one (cute) devil named Ruby. In 1999 I moved to Weymouth, Dorset and of course have been here ever since!



I was introduced to photography at a young age by my Grandad John who was also a wedding photographer before the digital format arrived, the first time I saw one of his photographs appear in the dark room I was hooked and my passion kept growing. 

Photography has always fascinated me and continues to this day, I studied photography in my school years which helped fuel my lust for creativity on a daily basis. 

Fast forward a number of years and my experience took off like a rocket, gaining a name for myself in Dorset.

The feedback from my clients and social comments is what really makes me proud to be able to do what I do.

My daughter Ruby is my ‘assistant’…well by ‘assistant’ I mean she may only be in her early years of life but she’s keeping her Dad well on his toes & in check!

The Equipment

My Gear
To get that once in a life time shot it’s made easier by using the highest quality and most reliable equipment, so of course I only ever use professional grade equipment.

I use two Canon full frame digital camera’s along with Canon’s professional L-series lenses to capture crisp sharp shots.

I also use a number of pro grade flashes to help me light up any situation when needed.

Something I feel I should point out is my camera belt, due to the number of comments I get I feel it’s worth noting haha. Rather than using neck straps my belt ‘holsters’ the camera’s and it has its advantages and disadvantages…it saves my back from crippling with the weight of the camera’s but in the process it also makes me look like a Cowboy!
I have since purchased an authentic cowboy hat to complete the look which is availible on request 😉 Yee Haw

Just seen the fantastic photos from our wedding. Wow! They made us cry looking through them. You captured every moment throughout our amazing day. Lots of memories made. You did us proud. Well done. Highly recommend thankyou so much.
Words by Mr & Mrs Wills


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