Being more than "The Photographer" at your event.

Going the extra mile should be default for any professional.
Thanks for coming to read my post about ‘Being more than just “The Photographer”.

I have learned a lot over the years so I’d like to share some of my experiences gained with you!

#BeingMoreThanJustThePhotographer – Dan Roads Photography


I'm grateful & LOVE what I do!

If you don't, then why carry on?
Being booked for an event that someone has paid a lot of money for is a HUGE honor in itself, being part of the day is one thing but to truly be the best you can is something I strongly believe in.

I have lost count of all the little extras I have done to go the ‘extra mile’, mainly because it doesn’t even come into thought…it just happens, it’s the way I am 😀

From Prosecco in the morning, interacting with the kids, holding the flowers and giving all the extra tips!
Did that rhyme? 🙂

It's rude NOT to photobomb at a wedding 🙂

Stealing the Bride

Selfies with your photographer, yup..that's my thing!

It’s the morning of your wedding, nerves & stress levels are high. What could possibly be more welcoming than your photographer turning up with a nice cold bottle of Prossecco!? 😀


We can never usually catch any nice photo’s of our little ones but Dan captured plenty of smiling faces when the kids were playing! Thankyou.
– Guests.

Lets dance!

Silly faces!

Gaining trust

Being fun
To truly capture those wonderful candid moments in the most natural form you MUST gain the respect and trust from everyone at the wedding.

£1000's of equipment on board, playing Ring a Ring o' Roses to help get a great photo = priceless

Allowing the day to flow naturally

I photograph in a very candid style which allows the guests to relax & enjoy whats going on around them, this in-turn helps the day flow as naturally as it should.

It’s important to still get the ‘must have’ group shots and any extra’s throughout the day but I find it’s best to mingle & keep my eye’s peeled at all times!

You never know what amazing moments are around the corner.

Happy tears 🙂

Are you planning your own wedding?

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