Mr & Mrs Gay – Wedding at Portland Castle, Dorset Wedding Photography.

Dorset Wedding PhotographyDorset Wedding Photography

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Dorset Wedding Photography

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Mark & Amanda’s special day.

Mark & Amanda had their fantastic marriage at Portland Castle then whisked the family & friends off to their EPIC home for the evening, I say EPIC as they have a gorgeous home but with an ACTUAL bar in the garden! I know…How cool. #ThirstyCamel  

 Portland Castle is one of the top venue’s in Dorset, with an amazing historical setting, an outstanding view of Portland Marina and a perfect picturesque garden area all for your guests to roam and enjoy.

From the first day of meeting Mark & Amanda I knew their day would be fantastic just by seeing how great they are together! Truly a ‘Happy’ couple 😉 

I’d like to congratulate them both for how well they planned their special day, we were treated to so many lovely extra’s such as Chris Piercy Magician, A TUK TUK Photo Booth, The Bar and even an impressive selection of HUGE and tiny birds to hold!

Thankyou for having me be part of your day…it’s a real honour.

I’d like to thank everyone for being so friendly & welcoming, I enjoyed the whole day so much going back through the photo’s I re-lived the wonderful moments captured.

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I hope you enjoy going through them as much as I have!


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Mr & Mrs Gay