Mr & Mrs O’Donovan – Kingston Mauward, Dorset.


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Mike & Rebecca

Mike & Rebecca had their fantastic day at the iconic Kingston Mauward Mansion in Dorset.

Kingston Mauward is one of the top venue’s in Dorset, with many vast floor to ceiling rooms, a lovely library and a newly refurbished reception room is just scratching the surface!

A very peaceful intimate ‘picturesque’ setting with it’s own scenic lake, large lawns and most importantly a huge formal garden which is a dream for us photographers!

I’d like to thank everyone for being so friendly & welcoming, I enjoyed the whole day so much going back through the photo’s I re-lived the wonderful moments captured.

You can view & download all the images using the link below, categories have been made to help you navigate or you can simply go through one by one (this may take a while as there are so many photos).

I hope you enjoy going through them as much as I have!


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Mr & Mrs O’Donovan