Top 5 TIPS for your wedding day!

5 Personal TOP TIPS that WILL improve your wedding!

I’m fortunate enough to attend many weddings throughout the year within Dorset which is a fantastic thing on so many levels. I get to meet hundreds of new friends, share the emotional highs and most of all be an essential part of the day!

To experience this over and over can be overwhelming at times but my god is it worth it! For me it’s all about showing the newlyweds their images for the first time and hearing the feedback which makes it all worth while.

That’s enough of me, to the TOP 5 WEDDING TIPS shall we!

Can’t praise Dan highly enough, professional friendly and really put us at ease which made our special day that much more special.The photographs are beautiful and we will treasure them forever. Thanks Dan

Don’t Stress!
Now I know this could seem hard to do for most but seriously… If you stress and panic not only are you going to ruin your own day for yourself but for your guest also.

It’s not un-common for accidents to happen during the day, if you don’t let them get to you nothing will stop you from having a wonderful day. Sometimes things are the way they are and that’s that at the end of the day, ALWAYS think positive on any situation, there is always a bright side to un-expected events!

If it rains it rains (You can create some amazing & unique photo’s in the rain).  #NoBridezilla! 


Let me guess, you thought of the evening music? 🙂 That’s fine don’t worry! Often the Bride & Groom don’t think of any other entertainment than the music side of things.

There is SO much more around to add that extra wow factor and will not just leave your guests remembering amazing moments but more importantly will keep them entertained for when you dash off with your photographer.

Usually straight after the ceremony your guest will come say hello and congratulate you with open arms and fantastic smiles. After everyone has had their mingle and got themselves a glass of prosecco your photographer will either start to gather your guest for some group photo’s or take you both away for some “Mr & Mrs” style images of just the two of you…

It’s within this Mr & Mrs photoshoot period that extra entertainment is REALLY appreciated by your guests.

Think about Caricatures, photo booths/magic mirrors, bucking bronco’s or best of all for a PERFECT example when I work with magicians such as Chris Piercy I know 100% he’ll keep your whole wedding party entertained whilst your away and they won’t even notice you left!

As an added bonus when returning I know I will be able to capture some really special reactions from the stunned faces that fill the room.


I prefer to say investment rather than a budget because really you are investing in creating your own dream day come true!

ALWAYS look around and never jump the gun when booking anything for your wedding. Ask yourself some basic questions like: Are they a professional? Do I feel comfortable and relaxed with them? Do they have insurance? What’s the reviews like? Are they recommended? etc.

This applies for all wedding suppliers, for photography I’d always recommend meeting and having a general chat to see how you feel around them, after all you are most likely going to be spending the WHOLE day with them around you and your family. Check out previous up-to-date wedding photographs and see if their style is what your after. Do NOT be afraid to ask questions or say NO THANKYOU…It’s your day, create it how you dreamt it. :).


 There’s a reason why we have a maid of honour/best man, they are around to help you on your day!

Make the most of it and ensure they have some basic but clear expectations from what you’d like them to help you with. Whether it be to help round guests up for family photo’s or hold your dress up whilst you go to the toilet…that part is usually for one of the girls NOT the best man 😉 P.S Also you’d have to have some awesome maid of honour if your needing a number 2! Hey, I’m an honest guy…it happens 😀

We had Dan for our wedding, we had the photos back and I’m lost for words, they are absolutely amazing. No matter what I write it will never give enough justice to the quality of pictures and service that Dan provided throughout the wholeday and the lead-up. Everyone has commented on the eye he has for photos and helped us relive the day through the images. I can not rate him enough. Thank you Dan


We all have set timings for when things should start/finish but to be honest from my own experience it’s extremely rare that these go to plan!

As I mentioned before un-expected things happen which will affect your planned schedule. These minor events that set time back usually happen throughout the whole day but mostly during the morning preparations…fear not, you just have to think “lets face it, the ceremony isn’t going to start without me” attitude toward it and do the best you can. After all it is tradition the bride’s late.

If it’s not the morning preparations holding things up then it’s either the best man speeches (if before the wedding breakfast) or cutting the cake/first dance. Either or  99% of the time your guests won’t notice and will just be happy you are having your dream day unfold altogether no matter what time it is.

I really hope this has helped you in one way or another when planning your perfect day, please feel free to join me on Facebook to take advantage of offers and see new content!

Below are some extra little helpful things I’ve learnt over the years but not a necessity!

For the girls I highly recommend those little plastic heel stoppers that save you from sinking into the grass & I’m serious about the toilet before popping your dress on, don’t ask…it’s just easier…not that I’ve tried.

Before you get your makeup/hair done slip into an old button shirt so it’s easier to take off rather than trying to lift anything over your head. Also don’t forget to compliment your photographer with over the top comments and lavish remarks , trust me it will remind them to make sure they get the best of your angles even after a few cheeky Sambucus/jagermeister shots ;).

For the guys, don’t get ” On it ” too early, chances are you’ll probably be out the night before for a few “social” ones with the lads that in a blink of an eye turn into the stag do version 2 haha! That’s last thing you want to be feeling like on your wedding day. Keep topped up with food & grab some cigars to celebrate in the evening, always keep an eye on your groomsmen around the bridesmaids ;).




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